Deciding Who To Choose For Your Trustee

There are many benefits that can come with a trust. Married couples can save more on their estate taxes that they pass onto their heirs. Trusts ensure that there is someone there when you are not able to handle your affairs any longer. The trust ensures that there is a plan for you and your loved ones to be taken care of in the event of an illness. If a business owner will be passing his or her business onto his or her heirs, a trust will allow the business owner to save on taxes.

Deciding Who Will Handle Your Tust

If you own a trust, one option is to hire someone who will invest your money, handle taxes, maintain records and make payments to beneficiaries. The trustee could be a financial professional or it could be a friend or family member. Another option is to have a hybrid where one individual handles one aspect of your trust and financials, while another individual handles the other aspects. Given that some aspects of your trust might be more complicated to handle than others, the hybrid might be a better option.

The Trustee Must Be Very Responsible

Serving as a trustee is a large responsibility and should be treated as a job. For this reason, it is usually a better idea to hire professionals. The individual hired will need to be someone who can be trusted with the responsibilities laid out. One of the most important parts of the trustee's job is to make sure that the rules of the trust are followed out. In some cases, the rules of the trust are revocable, while in other cases, the rules of the trust are irrevocable. Also, there are some agreements in which the trustee is allowed to use his or her discretion. 

The Type Of Trust You Have Affects The Decision

If you will be creating a living trust, you are allowed to setup yourself as the trustee or you may have a co-trustee. However, if you will be creating a testamentary trust, you will be required to choose a trustee. Who you should choose to manage your trust is also based on how large the trust is. A large and complicated trust is best handled by a professional, while a smaller trust could be handled by a family member. This can save you money while not placing enough burden on the family member.

For more trust management tips, talk with a trust agency near you.

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