What You Should Know About Getting On A Payment Plan With A Licensed Bail Bond Agency

If you want to get someone out of jail but don't have all of the money needed to pay the bail agent's fee, then you might be wondering if there is a payment plan option available. These are some of the things that you might want to know about this option.

Not All Bail Bond Agencies Offer This Option

First of all, be aware that some bail bond agencies do require you to have the full amount to pay their fee on the day that you hire them. However, if the first bail bond agent that you call does not offer a payment plan option, you shouldn't give up. Instead, call a few more bail bond agencies in your area, and you might just find someone who is willing and able to work with you.

They May Still Get Your Loved One Out of Jail

Even if you don't have all of the money needed to get your loved one out of jail right now, the bail bond agent might be willing and able to get them out of jail right now. This can be a big relief if you want to bring your loved one home as soon as possible.

They May Want Proof of Your Ability to Pay

Be aware that some bail bond agent will want you to prove that you have the ability to pay the payments in the payment plan. They might want to talk to your employer to verify that you have a job, for example, and they may want to see your paycheck stubs so that they can determine whether or not you will be able to make your payments.

They May Require Some Money Up-Front

Even though many bail bond agents will help with getting someone out of jail even if their family members or friends are unable to pay the entire bond, they might require you to pay a certain amount upfront. You can ask about this when setting up a payment plan to determine the minimum amount of money that you will need to have on hand.

You Might Be Charged More

Many bail bond agencies do charge a higher rate or a few additional fees for working out a payment plan, so there is a chance that you will pay more in the long run than you would have if you had paid the entire bail bond fee up-front. Make sure that you ask for a detailed breakdown of how much you are paying so that you will be aware.

For more information about bail bonds, contact a local agency.

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